About :
Rajkumar Chandan

Rajkumar Chandan is a person of an amazing personality. He is an excellent poet, a writer, a sculputurist, a comic/humorist,a lyricist, a cartoonist. As an art teacher he is a famous personality of M.P. For last fourty years .. Read More

A Rare And Unique Art :
Water Rangoli

In the field of arts Rajkumar Chandan is a fantastic artist, not only known in M.P. but also in the country itself as a great artist.He is the only artist who draws the Rangoli on the water surface very remarkable contribution in the... Read More

An Initiative :
Charity Art Gallery

Charity Art Gallery is aiming to help the poor, disabled, dependent and challenged students. In this Gallery many paintings are kept for sale. The money obtained from sale will be utilized to pay school and college fees of such... Read More

Rajkumar Chandan has awarded by many World Records for making " World Largest Water Rangoli ".

    World Largest Water Rangoli

  • Designed on 4th june 2007 with group members.
  • About 22 thousand visitors has seen exhibition and expressed surprise.
  • Worlds Largest Carpet Rangoli on Water

  • "Worlds Largest Carpet Rangoli on Water" has created by Mr. Chandan with 18 co-artists at Manduk Pushkar Lake.
  • The size of Rangoli was approx 50,000 sq.ft. having 165 ft. width and 305 ft. length.
  • The event was organised by Press Club Dewas on 5th April 2013 0n 6:00 a.m. to 11:20 a.m.
  • Water Rangoli Portrait of 101 Indian National Heroes

  • Rajkumar Chandan with a team of 7 assistants made 101 Portraits Indian National Heroes on a 2,204sq.feet water surface within 24 hours 34 minutes and 12 seconds.
  • The Events was organised by Govt. School for Excellence, Dewas, (M.P).
  • Longest gazal of the world.

  • The longest gazhal of the world in the year 1997
  • Listed in Limca book of world records.

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