Rajkumar Chandan

Rajkumar Chandan (born on 5th April 1955) from Dewas Madhya Pradesh,India. He is a Drawing Teacher in Government Higher Secondry School.He is a great literator and artist.He is world record holder for longest gazal in 1995 and three world record for water rangoli.He is awarded by governer award in 2003 and president award in 2006.He is also a reputed writer whose 15 books has been published.Recently his one of ultimate books "lado bahak na jana" published from Delhi.He was researched on water rangoli of Mahabharat times about five thousand five hundred years ago and placed an important role and reviving and developing it.He has also trained many students with events of water rangoli. Rajkumar Chandan is a person of an amazing personality .He is multi –talented personality with very generous attitude .Shri Chandan has an equal command in the field of art as well as in literature too .

Portrait , Cartoon , Photo gallery

He is the only artist who draws the Rangoli on the water surface.He is excellent poet,a cartoonist.

An excellent writer

For last fourty years Mr. Chandan has been writing the phrases and poetry and its various aspects.

Literacy and a love of language

As an art teacher Rajkumar Chandan is a famous personality with very generous attitude.

World Record Holder
Fastest Water Rangoli

The longest gazhal of the world in the year 1999.The largest Jal Rangoli in 2008 & 2013.

Famous Painter

He has been created various arts forms in the field of drawing with oil paints and wooden and clay art .

World's Longest Ghazal

He has been working in Hindi as well as in Urdu/the longest gazhal’s writing world record.