Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai

Fifteen books have been published. Edition of more than three dozens of books.

Lado Bahak Na Jana

”Lado! Bahak na jana” is the most second and most popular book of Rajkumar Chandan.

Vande Matram

'Vande Mataram' written by Rajkumar chandan and It has collection of national songs and gazals.

Art built from ambient materials

Rajkumar Chandan very excellent in the field of art.Various type of Arts made by him which is made up different materials.

Flower Painting

One of the most specializatoin of chandanji is making flower paintings.Rajkumar chandan can make very beautiful Flower paintings.


In this way his magnificent paintings will increase the beauty of your house. All this speciality you may see in Chandanji's Paintings.

Largest Carpet Rangoli on Water

"Worlds Largest Carpet Rangoli on Water" has created by Chandanji with 18 co-artists at Manduk Pushkar Lake.The size of Rangoli was approx 50,000 sq.ft. having 165 ft.

Water Rangoli of Portraits

The biggest water rangoli was designed at School for Excellence, on June 4, 2007 to June 10, 2007 Dewas [Madhya Pradesh].

World Largest Water Rangoli

In the history of Water Rangoli, the largest water rangoli of the world is only made by rajkumar chandan which is about 8,00,000 sq.ft.