Water Rangoli

History of Water Ragoli

Practice of Water Rangoli in India was carried out in the period of Mahabharat as it is found as evidence in Mahabharata:

After the period of mahabharat,water rangoli was rejuvenated again largely in School For Excellence,Dewas(M.P.). RajKumar Chandan is the man responsible for recreation of water rangoli who reinvented the art of water rangoli after two years of perseverance and non stoping efforts and different types of experiments carried out with his co-artist and students . In the recreation of this art, Former Principal Shri Vijay Shrivastava and his team supported through the way. Rajkumar chandan with his team made Indias first largest water rangoli in School for excellence, Dewas on 24th april 2006. To create painting on the surface of water is really a uniqe art. If it is a matter of large scale it is really surprise.

How to make "water rangoli"

To make water rangoli we need a huge water tank filled with water.When the wave is stable and down than painting crafted through dry colors.Each part of the painting ready to lock by rubber band.The color of the images do not flows remain stable in its place.The techniques for making water rangoli are complex,to making it bigger.Big waves on the water so as not to have to act cautiously. Water does not pinch Rangoli colors so they have to use special exercises.

The largest water Rangoli

The biggest water rangoli School for Excellence,Dewas [Madhya Pradesh] dated June 4, 2007 to June 10, 2007 was designed to demonstrate that.About 22 thousand visitors has seen exhibition and expressed surprise.Media given the important place to the unique water rangoli all over nation.